Responsible Use

Shaman and laymen alike have used plant power for healing, spirituality, decision making, cleansing’s and purges, for enhancing connecting with natural cycles and nature, finding ones self or soul purpose, for guidance, enhancing experiences, to uplift, for stimulating, calming, assisting, de-stressing and socializing. They are also used for their fragrant qualities or for festivities, having a good time and for a general overall wellbeing for oneself and the environment one finds oneself in.
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  • Please do enjoy these gifts from the garden and use with respectful intent and awareness. sale seroflo Buy Buy Cheap
  • Be responsible and take necessary precautions to ensure the benefits are bestowed upon all.
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  • Avoid use of machinery or vehicles.
  • Ensure you have a a�?sober sittera�? who will watch over you and be there to assist if need be. Buy
  • Consult your medical adviser if you have any concerns or conditions bactrim std treatment
  • with particular reference to any of the following a�� being underage, pregnant, breastfeeding, elderly, lowered immune system, any issues of health, be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.
  • Take smaller doses to start and work your way up to more, through experience and awareness of ones personal capacities for taking the plant and suggested doses.

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