Tea Sampler



Our Green Tea Sampler contains six of our most popular and favorite green teas.

Green Tea Sampler

Sencha 28g
Organic Sencha Green Tea is an exquisite high-grade green tea and the most popular and famous green tea in Japan.

Dragonwell 28g
Dragonwell Green Tea or Lung Ching is a hand picked steamed green tea grown 1500 – 4500 feet above sea level in the Zhejiang Province, China.

Hojicha 28g
Hojicha is a Japanese roasted green tea made by roasting bancha leaves and twigs over charcoal.

Gunpowder 28g
Gunpowder tea or Zhu Cha grown in the Zhejiang province of China, is one of China’s most famous green teas.

Bancha 28g
Organic Japan style bancha green tea