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All about Marijuana!


Squeezing so much detail about such a magical and interesting plant would be impossible. This is since many books bigger than encyclopaedias have been written about cannabis and still, there is more information. Truth is we are still learning something new about the benefits of cannabis and what it can be potentially used for.

The different names of cannabis!

Cannabis sativa is known as many street names, there is probably even a local slang name for “mary jane” in your neighbourhood. Marijuana is a Mexican slang term coined many decades ago and has stuck since it technically refers to recreational cannabis. Hemp is now a popular agricultural plant in the USA now and hemp is also part of the cannabis family, except hemp is not psychoactive, like marijuana. Recreational marijuana can be known by over 500 names and some common street names include, reefer, green, spinach, giggle twig, 420 and many more. Cannabis has created quite a large subculture and names for the many varieties of cannabis.

Marijuana Cannabis Flower and oil

The Different Properties

Cannabis is a simple plant that contains over 500 compounds. Some of these compounds are known as terpenes, cannabinoids or flavonoids. The two primary cannabinoids found in the cannabis sativa plant are THC ( Tetrahydrocannabinol ) and CBD ( Cannabidiol ). THC is psychoactive and responsible for the “high” in cannabis or recreationally known as marijuana. CBD, on the other hand, is not psychoactive and predominately found in the industrial hemp form of cannabis sativa.

There is no good amount of bad amount of marijuana. You can’t overdose on cannabis or die from it. In fact, no one ever has died directly from cannabis yet. The important thing to remember is to respect cannabis. Just like anything in life, don’t overdo it and if you are new to cannabis go “low and slow”. Cannabis products on the market today such as cannabis concentrates are highly potent resins that can be too much for new users. Whereas building a slow tolerance to your cannabis consumption and knowing your limits is a far better way to approach the wonderful journey of consuming cannabis.

Cannabis Testing

Many companies enforce that employees do spot drug tests and this includes testing for cannabis. Because cannabis is fat soluble and is absorbed into our bloodstream traces of cannabis whether they are testing for CBD or THC can be found in your body for up to 30 days. Testing for cannabis can largely depend on many factors such as your weight, height and your consumption of cannabis. If you are a light user and have only smoked a few joints on the odd occasion, having a quick detox for two weeks with drinking of lots of water will help you get through a drug test.

Cannabis is a therapeutic and medicinal plant that can be used for many beneficial purposes in your home and professional life. Consider joining one of the many cannabis meetups at parks, dispensaries or private residences in your state. Make sure you know about your local state and county laws before you consider cultivating or consuming cannabis.

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