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The Ways to Make Your Cannabis Packaging Stand Out

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Cannabis packaging is an essential aspect of marketing and branding. As cannabis becomes legal in more states, it’s essential to have a unique and memorable design that will stand out among the competition.

In this blog post, we’ll go over these tips for creating cannabis packaging that is sure to make your company stand out from the rest!

Use a logo that is simple and memorable.

Make cannabis bags and containers stand out by using a memorable logo. This will help consumers remember your company and is also an essential step in creating cannabis packaging that stands out from the competition.

For example, White Label Goods has a simple but recognizable logo of two overlapping white circles on a black background.

(source). The simplicity of this design means it’s easy for customers to spot their products when shopping – which can be important if you’re dealing with many other brands vying for attention.

One thing to keep in mind: do not use any logos taken from pre-existing companies or those without appropriate licensing rights! It’s easier than ever these days for people to find copyright infringement and take legal action against businesses that make this mistake.

Include the name of your product

Customers will be more likely to take your cannabis products if the name is displayed prominently on all sides. This helps avoid confusion when shopping and also makes people less likely to steal it because they know what they’re getting.

(source). For instance, Kiva has a design that includes their entire brand name in large white text against a dark background (see photo)

The simple black logo with “KIVA” printed across the top works well for creating easy-to-spot packaging while still being relatively sleek and stylish.

You can even add an image or slogan about your product! You won’t want to overlook these important details, especially as cannabis becomes legal in more states where customers may not have much experience with your brand.

Include the name of your product in large fonts on the front, back, and sides – people will be less likely to take it if they know what it says.

It’s important to create a memorable logo that stands out from other brands – this can be as simple or complex as you want! The White Label Goods company has two overlapping white circles with black background on their packaging . This design is very easy for customers to spot when shopping and makes them more likely to purchase since they know what they’re getting. One thing to remember: do not use any logos taken directly without permission from existing companies or those who don’t have legal rights over its copyright material.

Include information about how much THC/CBD

One last point: it’s very important for cannabis packaging to include information about the amount of THC or CBD in each package, as well as any warnings that may apply. This is especially true if you are marketing your products outside the US; many countries have strict laws regarding these types of things, and without this info, they could confiscate or shut down your business.

For example, Kiva has a design with its entire company name printed on the front (see photo). The simple black logo against a dark background helps create easy-to-spot packaging while still following current trends – which means customers will be more likely to buy! It also includes information such as “0% THC” so consumers know what they’re getting.


The best way to make your cannabis packaging stand out is by using a memorable logo. A good logo will help consumers remember you and also create an easy-to-spot package – which can be important if competing with other brands for attention.

All packages must show the THC or CBD content and any warnings about the consumption (if applicable). This ensures that it does not get confiscated in countries where these types of things are legal matters. These logos should include information on how much THC/CBD there is per pack and what country they’re being sold in so people know exactly what they’re purchasing.

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